Ronald Cameron Player Profile

Player Details

  • Full Name: Ronald Cameron
  • Born: June 11th, 1905 (Clydebank)
  • Position: Outside forward
  • Signed: April 17th, 1931
  • First Manager: Selection Committee
  • Left Club: June 13th, 1932
  • Career Totals: 22 appearances, 11 goals
  • Also Played For: Bethlehem Steel, Cork City, Cowdenbeath, Dumbarton, Greenock Morton, Huddersfield Town, New Bedford Whalers, Newark Steelers

Playing History

Season Win % Draw % Loss %
1931-1932 19 9 0 0 52.6% 21.1% 26.3%
1930-1931 3 2 0 0 100.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Totals: 22 (0) 11

 Apps = First Team Appearances (Sub Appearances) | Gls = Goals
 GtGR = Goals to Games Ratio | W/D/L - Games won, drawn or lost as percentage of games played in
 Yel = Yellow Cards/Cautions | Red = Red Cards/Dismissals

 Recent First Team Starts
 16/04/32 vs. Linfield (A) 0 - 4
 09/04/32 vs. Ards (H) 4 - 1
 02/04/32 vs. Cliftonville (A) 3 - 2
 29/03/32 vs. Derry City (H) 2 - 2
 28/03/32 vs. Glenavon (A) 3 - 1

 Recent First Team Goals
 09/04/32 vs. Ards (H) 4 - 1
 28/03/32 vs. Glenavon (A) 3 - 1
 19/03/32 vs. Larne (H) 3 - 1
 12/03/32 vs. Glentoran (A) 3 - 2
 02/03/32 Irish League vs. Linfield (H) 2 - 0

 List of Goals Scored (click to expand)
 09/04/32 vs. Ards (H)  4 - 1
 28/03/32 vs. Glenavon (A)  3 - 1
 19/03/32 vs. Larne (H)  3 - 1
 12/03/32 vs. Glentoran (A)  3 - 2
 12/03/32 vs. Glentoran (A)  3 - 2
 02/03/32 Irish League vs. Linfield (H)  2 - 0
 19/09/31 Irish League vs. Ards (H)  6 - 2
 16/09/31 Quarter final vs. Ards (H)  3 - 1
 02/09/31 Round 1 vs. Distillery (H)  1 - 0
 25/04/31 vs. Larne (A)  4 - 3
 18/04/31 vs. Glenavon (H)  5 - 1

 List of Games Played (click to expand)
 16/04/32 vs. Linfield (A)  0 - 4
 09/04/32 vs. Ards (H)  4 - 1
 02/04/32 vs. Cliftonville (A)  3 - 2
 29/03/32 vs. Derry City (H)  2 - 2
 28/03/32 vs. Glenavon (A)  3 - 1
 19/03/32 vs. Larne (H)  3 - 1
 12/03/32 vs. Glentoran (A)  3 - 2
 05/03/32 vs. Coleraine (H)  4 - 0
 02/03/32 Irish League vs. Linfield (H)  2 - 0
 19/12/31 Irish League vs. Cliftonville (A)  1 - 1
 14/11/31 Irish League vs. Glentoran (A)  0 - 3
 26/09/31 Irish League vs. Newry (A)  1 - 1
 19/09/31 Irish League vs. Ards (H)  6 - 2
 16/09/31 Quarter final vs. Ards (H)  3 - 1
 12/09/31 Irish League vs. Linfield (A)  0 - 2
 05/09/31 Irish League vs. Larne (A)  0 - 3
 02/09/31 Round 1 vs. Distillery (H)  1 - 0
 22/08/31 Irish League vs. Portadown (A)  0 - 1
 20/08/31 Irish League vs. Derry City (H)  0 - 0
 02/05/31 vs. Bangor (H)  6 - 1
 25/04/31 vs. Larne (A)  4 - 3
 18/04/31 vs. Glenavon (H)  5 - 1


Nomadic Scottish winger Ronald Cameron spent just over a year at the Showgrounds after arriving from North American soccer in April 1931.

Born in Dumarton, Cameron started his footballing journey as a teenager in the junior ranks of his native town in post First World War Scotland. After spells with Dumbarton Fern and Duntocher Hibs, aged 19-years, he stepped up to senior football in August 1924 with Morton in the Scottish First Division. Cameron’s spell at Cappielow Park was short-lived, as despite a promising start on the pitch, promises of a supplementary job by the club were not honoured, and the player secured his release from the club. Ronald returned to his native Dumbarton in November 1924, then of the Second Division – and scored four goals in 22 appearances during the remainder of the 1924/1925 campaign in which The Sons finished eighth in the table.

In the summer of 1925, Cameron turned heads when he turned his back on his promising career in Scottish football to try and find fame and fortune in the blossoming American soccer leagues. It did not get off to a good start for Ronald and his travelling companions; William Allen (of Morton) and James Hunter (of Newcastle United) as they were detained on Ellis Island on arrival for not having the appropriate VISA for entry into the United States and had to pay a bond of over £100 for their release!

Cameron was signed by Pennsylvania side Bethlehem Steel, one of the top clubs in the American Soccer League, but only managed two appearances having been billed as the replacement for legendary Scottish player Alex Jackson in the Steel team. During the 1924/1925 season he played for three clubs across the division; Bethlehem Steel (2 apps, 0 goals), New Bedford Whalers (14 apps, 1 goal) and Newark Steelers (9 apps, 5 goals).

Following another short spell back at Bethlehem Steel at the beginning of the 1925/1926 campaign, Ronald returned to Scotland in December 1925, and went straight back into the Dumarton team having had his registration still retained by the club during his American adventure and impressed many onlookers with 11 goals in just 18 games. His prowess caught the attention of scouts from Huddersfield Town, then reigning champions of the English First Division and secured a move to the West Yorkshire club in March 1926.

The winger failed to make any first appearances for Huddersfield Town as they won a record third consecutive League Championship in 1926, and subsequently returned to Dumbarton in the summer. The 1926/1927 season proved to be hugely disappointing for both the player and the club, as a return of only one goal from 41 appearances, seen Dumarton finish a lowly 18th in the Scottish Second Division. The opportunity to return to North America beckoned as Ronald arrived in time for the final game of the season at former club New Bedford Whalers, in which he scored on his first game back on US soil.

Cameron settled in North America for the next four years, primarily now playing in Canada and thriving – however with limited records on his playing career at this time. He returned home in Easter 1931, now aged 25, and after an unsuccessful trial at Third Lanark he made the journey across the Irish Sea for a further trial with Ballymena at the end of the 1930/1931 campaign.

The Scottish winger scored and impressed against Glenavon in a ruthless 5-1 City Cup debut victory in April 1931 and made two further appearances as the Light Blues headed into the summer break. Ronald secured employment as a greenkeeper at Ballymena Golf Club and signed on to extend his stay at the football club for the 1931/1932 season. Injuries would disrupt his campaign, limiting the winger to just 19 appearances, in which he scored a respectable nine goals – Cameron missed out on the Gold Cup final defeat to Coleraine in December 1931, as the weight of expectation and growing financial concerns led to arguably Ballymena’s most disappointing season to date in their short four-year history.

Despite personally finishing the season strongly in the City Cup, Cameron was released by Ballymena in June 1932 with 22 appearances and 11 goals to his name. The Scot stayed in Ireland, moving South to the League of Ireland to play the 1932/1933 season with Cork City, but returned to Dumarton for a fourth time in April 1933.

Ronald Cameron’s final footballing years were unsettled, as failed moves to Cowdenbeath, a second spell at Cork City and a fifth and final spell at Dumbarton – where his father, William Cameron, was now a director of the club – proved to be a suitable ending to his professional career at the age of just 30, as the Sons disappointingly finished bottom (18th) of the Scottish Football pyramid in 1935/1936.

After the end of his football career and following the Second World War, Cameron returned to Canada to live and work in Toronto. Dumbartonshire always pulled him back however, and it was in Scotland that he returned for his final days, passing away in 1981, aged 76.


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April 18th, 1931
Glenavon 1 - 5 Ballymena United

City Cup


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