Ballymena 5
Glentoran 0
League (Irish League)

5 - 0

League (Irish League)
Saturday, February 13th, 1932
Ballymena Showgrounds
3:00 PM Kick-off

Robert Stoddart (7)
John Barr (22)
John Barr (43)
John Murphy (80)
John Barr (87)

Team Managers
Selection Committee
Selection Committee

Starting Eleven
James King
James Surgenor
Robert Stewart
Billy McCandless
John McNinch
William Cox
James Mitchell
William Hood
John Murphy
Robert Stoddart
John Barr
Alfie Allen
William Pitt
John Mathieson
Charles McClure
Peter Doherty
William Crooks
Fred Roberts
Harry Borland
Jonny Geary


None. None.

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

G. Davies (Bury) (Referee)

Match Report

Ballymena were in irresistible form last Saturday against Glentoran, against whom they registered a 5-0 win at the Showgrounds, and thus amply avenged their Irish Cup defeat.

The game was almost as one-sided as the score suggests, Ballymena getting a good grip of it early on and gradually securing a strangle-hold from which there was no escape. The only regret about the whole thing was that a familiar state of affairs did not exist a few Saturdays ago when these teams contested the second round of the Irish Cup.

Ballymena met with an early success, Stoddart scoring a brilliant goal at the end of seven minutes. They kept pounding away at the Glentoran defence, and before half-time were three up, Barr bringing the score to this total. Meanwhile the Glens had not been idle, but they were never able to press home their attacks, thanks to the splendid defensive play of the home backs.

The standard of play deteriorated a lot in the second half, hardly anything of note occurring until the last ten minutes of the game, in which Murphy scored Ballymena's fourth and Barr his third and the team's fifth.

Murphy reappeared at outside-left for Ballymena after a prolonged abcence owing to knee trouble, Mitchell went to inside-right, and Stoddart to inside-left.

Starting off against the breeze Ballymena threatened danger in the first minute, the right wing getting into action quickly and Cox cutting in and essaying a shot which, however, was too high. Glentoran's first attack petered out badly, the forwards being unable to do anything against a stalwart defence. Stewart took the ball up the middle but lost his balance when about to shoot, and then the Glens made off again and Roberts headed past from an offside position.

A short-lived Ballymena incursion was followed by Glentoran renewing the attack, but Doherty's centre was erratic owing to his anxiety to get rid of the ball when tackled by McCandless. Geary steered in a bouncing shot which King held, and then Ballymena worked their way again to the other end where Allen headed out and Robert Stoddart, taking the ball on the fly drove it home with a magnificent left-foot drive which sent it speeding into the back of the net, seven minutes after the start.

The game continued to move up and down the field at a fast pace, but the Glentoran forwards rarely penetrated into the home penalty area, McCandless and McNinch advancing to meet the attacks, and tackling surely and kicking cleanly. The home forwards were more penetrative, so that Allen and McClements had a busy time checking dangerous raids.

A shot from Murphy Burton beaten all the way and looked like having its reward until McClements got his head to the ball just in front of the far upright. Fighting hard to make up the leeway Glentoran forced an abortive corner, and Crooks sent in a good shot which gave King some trouble, but he managed to clear his lines as Roberts rushed in.

Racing up the field with the ball at his toe Barr veered out to the left and afterwards drove a corner. The goal had a narrow escape in the next minute when Allen stopped Mitchell's shot on the goal-line, with Burton spread out on the ground. Ballymena were attacking strongly now and subjecting the opposing defence to severe pressure. At the end of twenty-two minutes John Barr stopped a pass from Murphy and turned the ball into the net for the second goal.

In their outfield play the Glens worked tolerably well, but failed at close quarters, the home defence working havoc with their attacks. In one of their dashes Roberts came near scoring with a fast header, the ball almost grazing the upright. Barr got away up the centre, with McClements in hot pursuit, but his parting shot was a trifle wide.

Two minutes before the interval Murphy and Stoddart co-operated in a nice wing movement which ended in John Barr accepting a well placed pass from Stoddart and scoring Ballymena's third with a great shot which had Burton guessing.

End-to-end exchanges characterised the resumption, but neither team imparted the same amount of punch into their work compared with the first half. For a long time there was nothing to write about at all, the game being rather tame, with nothing more exciting than a succession of out-balls on the unreserved side. Only an occasional glimpse of form was shown, and that at long intervals.

Doherty got in a good cross from which McNinch headed out, and Roberts, pouncing on the ball, drove it past by inches. But Roberts got very few chances to do anything owing to the attenions of McCandless, who played with a coolness and tenacity that captured the admiration of the crowd.

Ballymena were, if anything, more danger was about goal, and several times only missed narrowly adding to their score. Barr skimmed the cross-bar with a header following a Murphy corner, and later he was all but through when pushed flat on his face by Allen, but the referee ignored the incident. For this and many other lapses he was barracked by the crowd, who in addition took exception to some of his decisions.

Cox got going again on the home right and swung across a deadly centre from which Murphy might have scored had not Barr marred him. From a McCandless clearance Barr raced for goal and shot straight for the target, but Burton turned the ball past for a corner. Another shot from the same player flashed across goal with the goalkeeper nowhere.

With only ten minutes to go Surgenor lobbed the ball well up into goal, and when Burton failed to hold Barr's shot a great tussle for possession ensued, John Murphy eventually getting his toe to the ball and propelling it into the net.

Glentoran attacked again and Crooks was fouled, but Mathieson's free-kick was wide of the mark. Three minutes from the end Hood put John Barr in possession, and this tight little player drove in a long curving shot from the right which flashed past Burton into the net.

Match report written by Ballymena Observer (19 February 1932)

Squad Statistics (as at February 13th, 1932)

1931-1932 All Time
James King (GK)24 31 - 31 -
Robert Stewart25 333764
John McNinch28 3161488
James Surgenor21 15 - 15 -
Billy McCandless39 301772
William Hood - 23 - 23 -
Robert Stoddart30 20112011
James Mitchell28 1315822
John Barr27 24282428
John Murphy34 1768755
William Cox - 299299

League Table (as at February 13th, 1932)

Pld W D L Pts
1. Linfield 24 19 3 2 41
2. Derry City 26 16 6 4 38
3. Coleraine 26 13 6 7 32
4. Glentoran 26 12 7 7 31
5. Belfast Celtic 25 13 5 7 31
6. BALLYMENA 25 11 5 9 27
7. Cliftonville 26 11 5 10 27
8. Distillery 26 8 7 11 23
9. Portadown 25 8 6 11 22
10. Newry 26 9 4 13 22
11. Glenavon 26 7 5 14 19
12. Larne 26 6 7 13 19
13. Ards 26 6 4 16 16
14. Bangor 25 2 6 17 10