Glenavon 0
Ballymena 4
League (Irish League)


0 - 4


League (Irish League)
Saturday, October 10th, 1931
Mourneview Park
3:00 PM Kick-off

None. William Cox 
John Murphy (10)
John McNinch (pen.) (20)
Andrew Haddow (30)

Team Managers
Selection Committee Selection Committee

Starting Eleven
Pete McMahon
Johnny McKeown
Mick Hoy
Tom Martin
George Moorhead
Harry Maxwell
Samuel Cairns
Eric Cassidy
Herbert Stewart
Jack Magill
George Silcock
James King
John McNinch
Robert Stewart
Billy McCandless
David Flannigan
William McCready
Andrew Haddow
William Hood
John Murphy
John Barr
William Cox


None. None.

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.

Match Officials

W. Hamilton (Belfast) (Referee)

Match Report

Another record went by the board on Saturday when Ballymena bagged both points at Lurgan for the first time in their history, by defeating Glenavon by four goals to nil. Ballymena's recent good form inspired confidence of victory, but not by such a large margin, so that the result was decidedly satisfying.

Ballymena attacked from the kick-off, all departments working in harmony and showing excellent understanding. Haddow was dispossessed after a good movement in which Barr and Cox participated. McNinch robbed Magill when he was closing in, and McCandless stopped a couple of Glenavon attacks.

Then Cox was put in possession and volleyed in a great shot which McMahon brought down as McCready and Murphy were rushing in. Ballymena continued to attack, and Barr and Haddow essayed shots which were only a trifle wide, and later McMahon had to stretch himself in saving a shot from McCready, throwing himself full length on the ground.

From a corner to Ballymena Haddow forced a second, but both were fruitless. Glenavon broke away but were baulked by McCandless, who came out on top in a difficult situation. When the game was about ten minutes old Barr pushed the ball out to Murphy, who sent it straight across the field to Cox, and the latter put in a well timed shot which McMahon brought down with the tips of his fingers, but John Murphy pounced on the ball immediately and scored at point-blank range.

Glenavon retaliated by quick run to the opposite end, where McCandless held off the opposition until King ran out and cleared. Then Ballymena got going again, Stewart placing the ball nearly for Murphy to run in and shoot hard. The ball was going straight for the net when Hoy pulled it down with both hands, and a penalty was awarded, John McNinch scoring Ballymena's second goal with the kick.

The Lurgan men forced a corner from which King fisted clear. On the Ballymena left Murphy led Martin a merry dance slipping him time after time. Once when he sold Martin the dummy Murphy booted the ball to McCready, who returned it ll for Murphy to shoot and miss by inches. Glenavon once more forced play to the visitors end, where Silcock missed a good opportunity by skying the ball over the bar.

A particularly clear save by McMahon at point-blank range when Barr headed down neatly from Murphy's centre averted disaster when a goal seemed inevitable. Flannigan who was playing a ripping game, met the ball when it came out and sent it flying narrowly on the outside of the upright.

Flannigan again let the Ballymena forwards away and McCready placed the ball for Andrew Haddow to run through the opposition and shoot, and the ball rebounded off McKeown's boot into the net for the third goal which came after half-an-hour's play.

At the Ballymena end McNinch misjudged the flight of the ball McCandless covered up the lapse. Murphy was almost through again when he was roughly tackled and had to be attended to. The Glenavon forward who showed the most initiative was Cairns, their outside right, who sent some splendid centres, but when he hesitated and was tackled by McCandless he did not shine so well.

In a difficult moment at the Ballymena end Stewart conceded a corner from which Moorehead headed behind. Silcock missed a grand opportunity when well positioned. In the course of another Glenavon attack a great shout went up as Flannigan 'handled' the ball but he referee waved the played on. When half-time arrived Murphy had the ball at his toe and had beaten player after player when the whistle ended the movement.

Play was a whole lot tamer in the second half, Ballymena hardly ever rising to the heights which they attained in the first half, and Glenavon showing little or no improvement. Early on Cox flashed in a great shot which McMahon fisted out, and Haddow finished the movement by sending wide.

Cairns forced a corner for Glenavon, but it left the score unaffected. As Silcock was steadying himself to shoot, McNinch dispossessed him. Then Cairns got the ball across and when McCandless was beaten for possession Hood nipped in and cleared well.

An anxious moment followed at the same end when McNinch 'ducked' the oncoming ball and King was taken more or less unawares, and, fumbling the ball at the corner of the upright, conceded a corner. However, the incident fortunately had no disastrous result.

For a long time Ballymena played disjointedly enough, but later they put on a spurt and opened up the play again. Barr got the ball well out to William Cox, who beat both Maxwell and Hoy and scored number four with a great cross-shot which left McMahon beaten to the world. Cox had another try shortly afterwards, but the goalie dealt nimbly with the shot.

Barr and Hoy ran across each other and were both cautioned by the referee after which the offending players shook hands. King stopped Stewart, the Glenavon leader, when he was almost through, and Bob Stewart gave away a corner in the emergency. Silcock outwitted McNinch and dropped the ball in front of goal, but McCandless headed it away.

In the next minute, when King was lying on the ground with the Glenavon centre-forward beside him the ball was rolling towards the net when McCandless appeared like magic and kicked it out just as it was about to cross the goal line. It was a narrow squeak. Play in the closing stages favoured Ballymena. Hood rattled an upright with a terrific drive, and on the rebound Murphy warmed McMahon's hands with a stinger.

Match report written by Ballymena Observer (16 October 1931)

Squad Statistics (as at October 10th, 1931)

1931-1932 All Time
James King (GK)24 11 - 11 -
John McNinch28 921264
Billy McCandless38 81552
Robert Stewart25 111542
David Flannigan25 5151
William McCready17 61175
John Murphy33 437452
Andrew Haddow28 6161
John Barr26 5454
William Hood - 1 - 1 -
William Cox - 104104

League Table (as at October 10th, 1931)

Pld W D L Pts
1. Linfield 8 6 2 0 14
2. Derry City 9 5 4 0 14
3. Glentoran 9 6 1 2 13
4. Belfast Celtic 9 4 4 1 12
5. Cliftonville 8 4 2 2 10
6. Distillery 9 4 2 3 10
7. BALLYMENA 9 3 2 4 8
8. Portadown 9 3 1 5 7
9. Coleraine 9 2 3 4 7
10. Glenavon 8 3 1 4 7
11. Larne 9 2 2 5 6
12. Newry 8 2 1 5 5
13. Ards 9 2 1 6 5
14. Bangor 9 1 2 6 4