Glenavon 1
Ballymena 1
League (Irish League)


1 - 1


League (Irish League)
Saturday, October 18th, 1930
Mourneview Park
3:00 PM Kick-off

Lismore (25) Johnny Dalrymple 

Team Managers
Selection Committee Selection Committee

Starting Eleven
Pete McMahon
John Kelso
Mick Hoy
Harold Tilly
George Moorehead
Harry Maxwell
Edward Kerr
D. Mitchell
William Black
William McCandless
John McNinch
Robert Stewart
David Nelson
David Reid
Jamie Shiels
John Murphy
Joseph Cassidy
Johnny Dalrymple
James O'Reilly


None. None.

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.

Match Officials

S. Thompson (Belfast) (Referee)

Match Report

It is rarely that an appeal to a referee to change his decision in regard to a goal succeeds, but this occured in the course of the Ballymena-Glenavon match at Lurgan on Saturday.

The incident took place in the second half, when Glenavon were leading by a goal, and only for the successful appeal Ballymena would have lost both points. Dalrymple crashed a shot into goal, the ball cannoning off the underside of the bar and being deflected down at an angle before the goalie caught it.

Probably realising that it was a goal himself, McMahon stood motionless with the ball in his hands for the space of a few seconds, but when the referee failed to signal a goal Moorehead shouted to the goalie to get rid of the ball, which he did. Amazed at the referee's decision Cassidy ran forard to him with arms outstretched and reasoned with him, and was soon joined by a group of Ballymena players.

Eventually the referee stopped the play, consulted the linesmen, and altered his decision, the awarding of the goal being greeted with delight by the Ballymena contingent.

The match itself was only a moderate affair, but what made it so, more perhaps than anything else, was the high velocity of the wind, which made ball control and accurate shooting matters of some difficulty. It was almost impossible to keep the ball in play on the unreserved side of the ground, the wind sending passes continually astray.

Both Stewart and Reid received nasty knocks, the former getting a kick on the face, and the latter a kick on the head. Stewart was able to resume after attention on the line, but Reid had to go to the pavilion for treatment before he reappeared.

The Ballymena captain won the toss, but Glenavon had whatever slight advantage there was in the breeze, which blew at an angle across the field. The Glenavon goal was the first to be visited, but Moorehead cleared.

A centre from Nelson caused a scuffle in front of the home goal, which ended in Shiels heading in for McMahon to save well. The Glens made headway, and with the aid of the wind they were soon in the vicinity of their opponents' goal, and Lismore struck the crossbar with a great shot.

Then Shiels got away up the centre, and when the situation was becoming dangerous Kelso had to concede a corner. McCandless stopped the next Glenavon attack effectively and allowed Murphy away on the wing, the latter forcing another corner from which Reid headed past.

The homesters had a good opening when Kerr was put in possession, but Reid got the ball away. Again Kerr had an excellent chance but he shot across goal, and there was no one on the spot to gather the ball.

Both sides were finding it difficult to work up attacks owing to the high wind, with the result that chances were missed by both sets of forwards. McCandless and McNinch kept the invaders out by good positional play, and on two occasions the former averted danger when anything might have happened.

Glenavon opened the scoring at the end of twenty-five minutes' play, Tillie lobbing the ball well in and Lismore forcing it past Black into the net. The goal seemed to come through a misunderstanding between Reid and Black, who were close together in the goal-mouth, and might easily have been averted had Reid stood to the side and let Black get the ball. The sun was shining directly in Reid's eyes at the time, and perhaps this was why he failed to head the ball.

By virtue of a series of throw-ins Ballymena made progress on the right wing, and at length Cassidy was put in possession and drove in a brilliant low shot through a forest of legs, but McMahon threw himself at the oncoming ball and saved brilliantly.

Murphy had been playing the role of spectator for a considerable time, and getting weary of inaction he raced into the centre of the field for the ball and swept it out to Dalrymple, who made a quick return for Cassidy to shoot wide with a first-time effort.

Stewart got a severe kick on the face and had to retire to the line for treatment. Good work by Cassidy brought Ballymena well up again, and he passed to Murphy, who struck the crossbar a glancing blow with with a fine shot.

Neither team impressed in the opening stages of the second half, play being of a decidedly scrappy nature. At length Glenavon forced play well into the Ballymena goal vicinity, and a shot from Kerr looked like being effective, but McCandless darted into the breach and met the ball with both legs close together as he stood almost on the goal line. Later McNinch made a good clearance in the face of odds.

At the opposite end Dalrymple shot wide and then Cassidy fired in a couple of grand shots, one of which McMahon saved and the other hit the cross-bar with McMahon well out of reach. It was in the next Ballymena attack that Johnny Dalrymple scored the goal, which the referee awarded after consulting the linesmen. It was quite a legitimate goal, and Ballymena would have been badly treated had the referee disallowed it altogether.

Ballymena attacked strongly after this, going all out for a second goal, and the match resolved itself largely into a battle between Ballymena forwards and the Glenavon defence.

A shot by Murphy was diverted by Moorehead for a corner, and afterwards when McCandless punted the ball well up the field Shiels caught Hoy napping, but when he might have passed to Murphy, who ran to the other side of him, Shiels skied the ball over the bar.

From a clearance by McNinch Shiels again found himself in a possession and passed to Dalrymple who shot across goal. Then Dalrymple forced a corner, and when Reid raced to head the ball he stooped low and received the full force of Moorehead's foot on the side of his head. He was then taken to the line, and later to the pavilion, to have the injury attended to, It was fully seven minutes before he resumed play.

Match report written by Ballymena Observer (24 October 1930)

Squad Statistics (as at October 18th, 1930)

1930-1931 All Time
William Black (GK)24 7 - 7 -
David Nelson27 61281
William McCandless36 12 - 12 -
Robert Stewart24 111111
John McNinch27 91852
David Reid34 12 - 9311
John Murphy32 12164529
Johnny Dalrymple29 123365
Jamie Shiels21 638775
James O'Reilly - 5 - 141
Joseph Cassidy34 1235825

League Table (as at October 18th, 1930)

Pld W D L Pts
1. Glentoran 10 9 0 1 18
2. Distillery 10 7 1 2 15
3. Belfast Celtic 10 7 1 2 15
4. Linfield 10 6 2 2 14
5. BALLYMENA 10 5 3 2 13
6. Glenavon 10 5 1 4 11
7. Larne 10 3 4 3 10
8. Derry City 10 4 1 5 9
9. Cliftonville 10 4 0 6 8
10. Ards 10 3 1 6 7
11. Portadown 10 2 2 6 6
12. Coleraine 10 1 3 6 5
13. Bangor 10 2 1 7 5
14. Newry 10 2 0 8 4