Bangor 2
Ballymena 2
League (Irish League)


2 - 2


League (Irish League)
Saturday, October 13th, 1928
Ballyholme Showgrounds
3:00 PM Kick-off

Sammy Armstrong (1)
Herbie Stewart (13)
John Reid (40)
Jamie Shiels (45)

Team Managers
Selection Committee Selection Committee

Starting Eleven
Sam Moore
Jack Slowey
S. Meharg
Mal McKinney
George Arlow
Herbie Stewart
Sammy Armstrong
John Gough
Gordon McDairmid
John McNinch
John Reid
Sidney Howard
David Reid
James McCambridge
Richard Shaw
David Cunning
Jamie Shiels
James Mitchell


None. None.

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.

Match Officials

T. Liggett (Belfast) (Referee)

Match Report

Ballymena travelled to Bangor on Saturday, together with a large contingent of supporters, and the fact that they had remained undefeated since their eclipse by Celtic added piquancy to the game.

The seasiders had some hopes of breaking this record, but they were not able to do more than draw with their opponents.

The match had a sensational start, Bangor scoring in the opening minute, nice play by Irvine and McKinney taking play to the Ballymena end, where Sammy Armstrong sent in an oblique shot which beat Gough all the way. In a short time Moore was saving his charge at the other end from McCambridge. The last-named player forced a corner, Shaw placing well into centre for Mitchell to send to Shiels, who headed past.

With a kick and a rush Bangor were soon round the Ballymena goal, where slackness on the part of the defence let Herbie Stewart through to add to the home score. Here was an un-looked-for situation for Ballymena in the first thirteen minutes of the game. It gave their supporters and ugly jar, but there was a feel prevalent that the team would pick up.

Ballymena at last found their feet and thereafter played a steadier game, but they were far from having matters their own way. From a free taken by Howard, McCambridge grazed the bar. Then D. Reid put into goal from a further free kick and Moore had to concede a corner. Ballymena were now playing a much better game than was the case at the start, and for a considerable time they were by far and away the better team. A grounder from Shiels went on the wrong side of the upright.

Slowey sent Bangor away and Armstrong missed with a long punt, while offside spoiled Stewart. Ballymena returned to the attack and Moore had to deal with a long shot from the left wing. About five minutes before the interval Ballymena exerted great pressure. which was bound to tell sooner or later.

They capped their efforts when from a free taken by Howard, John Reid headed in, and Moore fumbling the ball, it rolled over the line for visitors' first goal. A pretty piece of manoeuvring by Shiels saw him force a corner, from which J. Reid had the hardest of lines. Then Mitchell let Cunning away, and after tricking an opponent the latter crossed in to Jamie Shiels, who headed through the equaliser. Only ill-luck prevented Ballymena adding further to their score half a minute before the interval, Shiels just failing to get in his kick.

Now that Ballymena had evened matters up we expected to see them take the lead, but Bangor recommended dangerously and gave the home defence plenty to do. At length the opposition was overcome and a nice piece of wing play by Cunning and Mitchell ended in te latter striking the side of the net with a fast drive. Then McCambridge had a golden opportunity but slipped as he was about to shoot. From a long drive upfield Shiels ran through the opposition but got entangled by the backs when near goal, his effort being frustrated.

A series of attacks by Ballymena kept the Bangor defence on the qui vive. J. Reid headed beautifully into centre for Shiels to miss by inches, and then the first-named put in a splendid shot which rolled past on the other side. In a lively movement by the Bangor forwards Gough extricated the ball from amongst a number of players. In saving from a free Gough was fouled. Taking the ball along the wing, Cunning passed back to J. Reid, who sent in for Shiels to miss narrowly.

Ballymena came near scoring again when D. Reid placed beautifully from a free and his brother John headed against the bar. Two inches lower and the ball would have been in the net. In the closing minutes after a spell of pressure by Ballymena, in which they secured two abortive corner, Bangor became extremely dangerous and swarmed around the Ballymena goal, where Gough had to be on the alert to keep them out. Once indeed the goalie made a miscalculation and McDiarmid was forced to concede a corner in order to save the goal from disaster. Until the end play was keen.

Match report written by Ballymena Observer (19 October 1928)

Squad Statistics (as at October 13th, 1928)

1928-1929 All Time
John Gough (GK)32 7 - 7 -
Gordon McDairmid21 9 - 9 -
John McNinch25 9 - 9 -
Sidney Howard21 4 - 4 -
David Reid32 9191
John Reid30 9292
Richard Shaw20 4141
James Mitchell25 9191
James McCambridge23 9595
David Cunning35 2121
Jamie Shiels19 9999

League Table (as at October 13th, 1928)

Pld W D L Pts
1. Belfast Celtic 8 8 0 0 16
2. Linfield 8 6 0 2 12
3. Glentoran 8 5 2 1 12
4. Portadown 8 6 0 2 12
5. BALLYMENA 8 3 4 1 10
6. Distillery 8 4 1 3 9
7. Coleraine 8 4 1 3 9
8. Larne 8 4 1 3 9
9. Bangor 8 2 2 4 6
10. Newry 8 3 0 5 6
11. Glenavon 8 2 1 5 5
12. Ards 8 1 1 6 3
13. Cliftonville 8 1 0 7 2
14. Queens Island 8 0 1 7 1