(Lisburn) Distillery 2 - 3 Ballymena

City Cup Match
Wednesday, May 14th, 1930, 3:00 PM at Grosvenor Park

Thompson, of Distillery, and Dalrymple, of Ballymena, were ordered to the pavilion for rough play last evening at Grosvenor Park, when these teams met in the City Cup competition.

The game, which was won by Ballymena by 3 goals to 2, was rather forceful in the second half, and culminated in an ugly scene as the players left the field.

A number of spectators attempted to intercept the players as they made their way under the grand stand to the dressing-rooms, and they came into contact with the police, who, however, quickly dispersed them.

Shiels opened the scoring for Ballymena, and Thompson equalised. After Thompson had missed with a penalty kick Shiels scored again, and Ballymena led at half-time by 2 goals to 1.

Distillery were awarded another penalty, but Patton, who was entrusted with the kick, sent wide. Ultimately McAdams equalised.

Armstrong, however, gave Ballymena the winning goal. It was between this and the end that first Thompson, and then Dalrymple were ordered off.

Match report written by Newsletter (15 May 1930)

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