Derry City 2 - 0 Ballymena

City Cup Match
Tuesday, April 22nd, 1930, 3:00 PM at Brandywell
Referee: H. Hull (Burnley)
Derry City Ballymena

Gerry Stewart (43)
Gerry Stewart (70)

Team Managers
Joe McCleery Selection Committee

Starting Eleven
Albert McDonald
Bobby Hogg
Thomas Tighe
James Douglas
Ted Reed
Con Hilley
Robert Gunning
James Mitchell
Gerry Stewart
William Neil
Harold Senior
John Gough
Gordon McDairmid
John McNinch
David Reid
Hugh Gilmore
Sidney Howard
James O'Reilly
Jamie Shiels
John Murphy
Jonathan Dalrymple
Thomas Kilpatrick

Despite Ballymena's bad display on Monday, a large contingent of supporters travelled with them by special train to the Maiden City on Tuesday. The weather again was on its best behaviour.

Derry City always draw a large home crowd, but on Tuesday the attendance was above the average, the Derry supporters being agog with excitement at the prospect of their favourites gaining their first victory over Ballymena.

Ballymena's team was the same as in the previous two matches, with the exception that Gilmore came on vice Bassnett, Dalrymple falling back to his accustomed position at right-half.

The team certainly worked more harmoniously together, but there was still a weakness in the line of attack. Gilmore seemed to be the only man who possessed shooting boots. Time and time again he drove in rasping shots which deserved goals, but something always happened to rob him of his ambition.

Early in the match he volleyed in a tremendous shot which had McDonald beaten all the way, but Hogg took the full force of the ball on his head when he was standing almost on the goal-line.

Gilmore struck an upright with another great try, and on other occasions he came perilously near scoring, McDonald having to push other shots from him over the bar.

Ballymena were the better team in the first half, keeping up an almost constant attack. O'Reilly was the weakest spot in the forward line. He was slow and ponderous, crude in tackling, and never seemed to know what to do with the ball when he got it.

Murphy on his left was nothing more than a spectator for along time, the ball never coming his way at all, play mostly veering to the right wing where Kilpatrick did a lot of good work and got across numerous well-placed centres.

In the pivot position Davy Reid did a great deal of useful work, and the backs played splendidly. A minute from the interval, Stewart gave Derry the lead, much against the run of play.

The second half favoured Derry, but Ballymena had much more of the play in his half than Derry had in the first, so that everything considered, a two-goal victory for Derry does not exactly represent the distribution of play.

Twenty minutes after the resumption Senior gave Gough such a hot handful that he dropped the ball, and before he could recover Stewart rushed in and placed the ball in the rigging.

No one could blame Gough for Ballymena's defeat, for throughout the match, especially in the second half, he gave an excellent display of goal-keeping.

McDonald was also tested in the second half by Gilmore, Murphy, Howard and Reid, but he kept his goal in tact.

Match report written by Ballymena Observer (25 April 1930)

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