Newry Town (City) 1 - 2 Ballymena

City Cup Match
Saturday, April 19th, 1930, 3:00 PM

Newry has not a large following even at home, and the cold weather was not conducive to a good attendance, only a moderate crowd being present at the match.

Ballymena set Newry to face the wind in the first half, and in the opening minutes O'Reilly drove for goal, his shot just missing by inches.

The Light Blues continued to force the pace, but occasionally the Newry forwards stole away and Gough was brought into action.

In spite of the lively breeze, both sides showed good ball control, so that in the circumstances the display was exceptionally fine. After McMinn had effected a good save from Shiels and Dalrymple, Ballymena opened the scoring per O'Reilly
, who headed into the net while the defence vainly appealed for offside.

Newry worked strenuously for the equaliser, but Gough saved smartly, and then Shiels dashed to the other end and beat McMinn all the way for Ballymena's second.

Although Newry had the wind advantage in the second half, Ballymena were the more dangerous side for some time after the resumption. Shiels penetrated the defence on his own, but finished weakly.

Then Newry commenced to attack in earnest, and a fine movement by Carroll and Feenan looked promising until McDiarmid dashed across and saved the situation when McNinch was beaten.

On the whole, play in this half was inferior to that seen in the first. Shiels was laid out for ten minutes and had to receive attention.

In the closing stages the Ballymena backs kicked the ball out a good deal, but despite all their vigilance Carroll reduced the lead in the last minute.

Match report written by Ballymena Observer (25 April 1930)

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