Ballymena 7 - 1 Newry Town (City)

City Cup Match
Saturday, April 20th, 1929, 3:00 PM at Ballymena Showgrounds
Referee: W. Boyd (Belfast)
Ballymena  Newry Town (City)

James Mitchell 
Jamie Shiels 
David Reid 
James Mitchell (4)
James Mitchell (30)
Jamie Shiels (44)
James Mitchell (65)

Team Managers
Selection Committee
Selection Committee

Starting Eleven
John Gough
David Nelson
Gordon McDairmid
David Reid
John Reid
Sidney Howard
James McCambridge
James Mitchell
Jamie Shiels
Joseph Cassidy
Walter Clarke
A. McMinn
William Lynas

Up to last Saturday Ballymena had not had the satisfaction of defeating Newry, who in the League matches forced a draw in one game and won the other, but this ommission has been made good at last, and in no uncertain manner either, Ballymena netting no fewer than seven goals, to which all the reply Newry could make was a lone goal.

The game, which was played at the Showgrounds in dry but cold weather, was seen by a large crowd, the gate reciepts amounting to £49 4s. It was much too one-sided, however, to hold the interest of the crowd, and long before the final whistle the spectators began to file out of the ground.

A breeze blew towards the town goal, and of this Ballymena, winning the toss, took advantage, though they had to play against the sun, which shone with spasmodic brilliancy. The Light Blues were first to be dangerous, Howard volleying in a drive which McMinn was able to cope with. In the face of a trio of opponents, John Reid got the ball out to Clarke, who placed forward neatly for Mitchell to go ahead and open the scoring with a fast shot, four minutes from the start.

An attack by Newry forward gave McDiarmid some trouble, but he ultimately passed back to Nelson, who eased the pressure. Ballymena were caught napping or two three occasions by off-side, particularly when Cassidy and Shiels were intent on scoring. A pass from Howard gave D. Reid an opportunity and he drove in a stiff shot from long range, the ball cannoning off the goalie's to his chest, but eventually got it clear. Continuing to have the master hand Ballymena kept things lively in the vicinity of the Newry goal, McMinn having to concede a corner in saving a shot from Mitchell, and McCambridge heading over from the flag kick.

Gough was called into action for the first time when Dennett made a getaway and drove in straight and hard, but the home goalie was on the spot. The extreme end once more became the scene of conflict, and McCambridge lifted the ball well into Shiels, who headed across to Clarke, and the last-named, taking the ball on the bounce tested McMinn with a snorter which he tipped over the bar for a corner, from which D. Reid headed over.

When hard pressed, Nelson conceded a corner, which was quickly followed by a second, Gough fisting out from the latter and D. Reid taking the ball on the fly and sending it far out of the danger zone. Cassidy had a couple of fine runs, finishing the second by lacing well in front of goal, where in a scuffle J. Reid sent past when well placed. At the opposite end Aulds sent yards wide after a good run, but Dennett had better direction, his shot just skimming the bar. It was just after this that Cassidy came into the limelight again on the wing, and placed his shot so accurately that Mitchell had little difficulty in netting his second goal.

Newry got more pith behind their next attack, forcing a corner, from which Gough fisted clear. Then Ballymena would have had number three, but when Shiels was outpacing his opponents in a great race for goal he was tripped up just outside the penalty line. D. Reid netted with the kick, but when the ball was in the air the referee whistled and the shot had to be retaken, but this time the Ballymena captain drove in easily and there was a scramble, from which the goal emerged triumphant.

However, the third goal was not long in coming; McMinn had fisted the ball from J. Reid's head just after a corner from Cassidy, when D. Reid met the ball and put it in the net, far out of the goalie's reach. A short-lived attack by Newry was succeeded by a particularly fine movement on the Ballymena left, in which a corner resulted, and from the flag kick, taken by Cassidy, the ball rose in air and dropped just where Mitchell was waiting to flick it into the net for his third and Ballymena's fourth goal.

Then Shiels bored his way through, but was baulked at the last moment, and there followed a melee in front of goal in which several players were unsuccessful in their efforts to add to the score. From a throw-in Cassidy ballooned the ball in the air, and McCambridge, taking a first-timer, crossed it in for Shiels to net the fifth.

With the match virtually won, Ballymena did not stretch themselves in the second half. However, they gave an exhibition of nice football, which completely put their opponents in the shade. A titter went around the ground when J. Reid got his head to a low ball and nodded it into goal for Gough to pick up. On the left wing Cassidy was working tricks, as only he can, and generally the whole eleven were enjoying themselves immensely. Shiels looked like scoring when he made a smart breakaway, but he used too much elevation.

Newry had their bright moments too, and once Gough had to concede a corner when saving a 'free'. Twenty minutes later after the resumption, Mitchell, following a throw-in, scored his fourth and Ballymena's sixth goal.

Only off-side spoiled Cassidy from adding to the score when he had breasted the ball following a try from Mitchell. A run by Bradley culminated with him giving Gough a nice handful. Clarke went to the line injured for a period of about five minutes, and during this time Newry made a smart attack in which Pendleton beat Gough with a splendid shot.

After this there was little of note until J. Reid placed for Shiels to run through and score Ballymena's seventh. In the last minute Pendleton missed a good chance when Gough was out of goal.

Match report written by Ballymena Observer (26 April 1929)

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